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When producing fuel, lubricants, heating oil and other mineral oil products, bitumen accumulates during the classic refinery processes as a residue. First, the crude oil runs through the atmospheric distillation. What then remains is the so called „long residue“ which is again distilled under a vacuum in order to detach more minor fractions or products respectively. Again, a residue remains, this time called „short or vacuum residue“. This backlog of a backlog builds the basis of bitumen. According to the crude oil that is used, the crude oil blend and the operation mode of the refinery, the characteristics of this residue can vary heavily. Understandably, a refinery focuses on the main products rather than on the residues. So, the bitumen itself attracts only minor attention.


NordBit - We break new grounds:

As we know, bitumen is not a ready-made product but a mixture. A highly complex colloidale system made from four different chemical groups of elements that can be described by the acronym SARA (Saturates, Aromates, Resins, Asphaltenes).


SARA is an analysis method that devides bitumen components according to their polarizability and polarity.


The interaction and the balance of the different groups of elements eventually determine the performance of the asphalt or the roofing sheet. The findings of the SHRP Asphalt Model from the SHRP Asphalt Research Program are our orientation.

SHRP = Strategic Highway Research Program


Based on the reliable and steady bitumen components of H&R, we developed a modular system which allows us to assemble bitumen for the particular standard, the particular use and the particular performance. Every single component of this system underlies a strict quality supervision. Our bitumen ist always assembeld in a new way with great care.

Special binders for mastic asphalt applications or binders optimized for the addition of reclaimed asphalt are further examples of how we implement our bitumen system in practice, for our clients' advantage.


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