It is the aim of sustainable economic activity to act in an economic way and, at the same time, treat resources with care, establish a social balance und protect our environment. A principle that is of special importance to us and that forms our decisions. To fulfil our customers' needs today without endangering the future generations' quality of life – that is the track we want to follow now and in the future.

Climate protection

We see it as a part of our entrepreneurial responsibility to sustain and to protect our environment. This is why we are engaged in the climate protection beyond our daily business.

We have allied with other medium-sized businesses in order to interconnect the climate protection and the commercial dealing. The commitment of the „pro climate“-initiative founded for this purpose focuses on the three fields: to offer efficient products, to advice on environmentally relevant energy topics and to support climate protection projects. Thanks to this initiative, more than 147,000 trees have been planted in the last few years in Germany. Since 2008, a research project is supported which eventually aims at understanding the effect of the climate change better and to deduce conclusions for an environmentally responsible behaviour.

HSSE (Health, Safety at work, Security, Environmental protection)

Ensuring health, safety at work, security and environmental protection is our highest priority. With our HSSE company policy, we obligate ourselves to preventing accidents, injuries and occupational damages caused to someone's health as well as to treat our environment with care. For this, we steadily optimise all acitivities regarding technical, organisational and behaviour based safety and we pro-actively support a security-conscious environment.


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