Hamburg / Salzbergen 29.11.2018 - Compliance has been reached between Bausion Service GmbH and their participation in the subsidiary WSI Westdeutsche Straßenerhaltungs- und Instandsetzungs- GmbH & Co. KG

The treaty between NordBit GmbH & Co.KG with Bausion Service GmbH and their subsidiary WSI Westdeutsche Straßenerhaltungs- und Instandsetzungs- GmbH & Co. KG with offices in Duisburg and Paderborn for the year 2019 is signed.

With effect from 2018, NordBit has started activities in the emulsion market. For the special quality requirements for the bitumen for this application, a special bitumen was developed in collaboration with Bausion and WSI. The partners in this partnership can already look back on a successful year.

The requirements in the bitumen emulsion application are not simple. Bitumen emulsions used in road construction are rapidly breaking - unstable - mixtures of bitumen and water. On the one hand, these emulsions must be sufficiently stable to remain homogeneous during transport and storage. On the other hand, after they have been applied to the surface and covered with crushed aggregate, these emulsions must break within a few minutes and separate the water.

This emulsification technology is the inhouse expertise of Bausion and WSI. "The most important thing in producing emulsion is having a constant source of bitumen with predictable properties" according to Dipl. Ing. Claus Gottburg, managing director of both companies. Small deviations in the properties can cause far-reaching problems in this application. "NordBit was a very reliable supply partner for us in 2018."

In 2018 the WSI had a substantially higher need for bitumen than the original prognosis. This was an additional challenge at NordBit's entry in the emulsion market. This challenge has been successfully managed. The agreement reached for the year 2019 confirms this and the partners have thus concluded that the cooperation will be even more intensive in 2019.


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