The vision of a perfect bitumen is our drive

Our service – due to our innovativ modular system, we are able to support our clients with tailor-made bitumen products.

Based on the reliably steady bitumen components of H&R, we developed a modular system which allows us to assemble bitumen for the particular standard, the particular use or the particular performance. Every single component of this system underlies a strict quality supervision. Our bitumen ist always assembeld in a new way with great care.

Special binders for mastic asphalt applications or binders optimised for the addition of reclaimed asphalt are further examples of how we implement our bitumen system in practice, for our clients' advantage.

SHRP = Strategic Highway Research Program


The findings of the SHRP Asphalt Model from the SHRP Asphalt Research Program are our orientation.


SARA is an analysis method that devides bitumen components according to their polarizability and polarity.


The interaction, respectively the balance of the particular group of elements, determines the performance and the quality of a bitumen. In the diagram, the rating varies from AAA (very good) to AAM (suboptimal). To make the concurrence of the four groups of elements and thus evenutally the stability of the collodial system bitumen quantifiable, we like to use the Gaestel index.


The colloidale stability of the system bitumen lowers whenever the "Ic-Value" rises. Saturates und Asphaltenes represent the components with the highest, respectively the lowest polarity of the bitumen system. The solubility of the asphaltenes in the colloidal system improves when there are groups of elements with intermediate polarity present, such as resins and aromatics. In other words, the lower the Gaestel index, the higher the overall system stability.

Generally, for bitumen, a Gaestel Index in the reach of Ic > 0,22 and < 0,55 is advised (Austroads2006).

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